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Sage 50C How to add a new user.

To Add or Edit a user in Sage 50 Accounts.

Sage 50 operates by default as Manager. Ideally, you should get into the habit of NOT using Manager profile.

Before you add or Edit a user in Sage 50 Accounts you should be aware that the best practice is for you to create your OWN user name and then “hide” some icons that you never use which will make your Sage more efficient.

The Manager profile should only be used for “Admin or Security” tasks.

Then, you can add extra users … with some options hidden.

For example Supplier Bank Details… Maybe only allow Manager to input or Edit Bank Details. (Security issue raised on previous blog)

You can also COPY existing user access rights for new employees.

So, if you want to add or edit a user in Sage 50 accounts you can check out the video below or proceed with the following.

NEED to be logged in as “Manager”. Top of the screen, Settings, Then, near the bottom of the options “Access Rights”. You will then be given the option of New, Copy or Edit. New is the norm. Then apply a user Name and Password.

You can EDIT and existing user or even COPY an existing profile and apply to a NEW user.

Hopefully the above is clear. If not Please contact us on 021 4544144 to talk to a Sage Expert.

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