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Sage 50 E Payments or Sage 50 Batch Payments

If you are using Sage 50 E Payments or Sage 50 Supplier Batch Payments, then you should consider the following.

When you set this up – you go to Supplier and enter their Bank Details and Save.
Then when you pay the supplier and upload the file to the bank it records the amount and the Bank details and sends the money.

One of our clients had a visit from an Internal Auditor.

They raised an interesting question about Sage 50E Payments or Sage 50 Supplier Batch Payments – What is to stop anyone going into Sage and Editing the bank details…. To be their OWN bank or a friend’s bank account etc. When you upload the file. No one really reviews the supplier Bank Details. So money is gone. Eventually, it would be traced, but if there were time delays… might be hard to retrieve the money.

The only way of increasing security around Sage 50 E Payments or Sage 50 Supplier Batch Payments  is by Restricting Access Rights.
So, Business Principal / Controller logs on as Manager and changes access rights for ALL accounts.
Go to Settings, Access Rights, Suppliers, New…… and then UNTICK Bank.
That means any user that logs on…. That has been “unticked” will NOT be able to see the bank details to enter or edit same.

So, the only person that can enter bank details will be if you log on as Manager and enter or edit same.

However, if employees know the Manager or Principal Password then defeats the purpose of the exercise. So, maybe you should change Manager password? Maybe even set up Manager to be never really used. Ideally, Set up a new profile for the owner / controller etc.


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