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Managed IT Security

Managed IT Security

Cyber security incidents are increasingly common, and have real costs in time, euros, and reputation. Unfortunately, for many organizations it’s not possible to hire enough experts to detect and respond to these threats. Additionally, more and more business is being conducted on mobile devices and cloud services, making it difficult for traditional IT and security to keep up. Hence the need for a Managed IT Security System

Managed IT Security using “Layers of Security” and Proactive Monitoring is the only way of making your company secure and protecting your data. However, to be secure, these Layers of Security have to be monitored, reported and reviewed on a regularly basis.

Your company will need further protection by ensuring that you have a Data Recovery Policy which is regularly tested.

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“We have retained Compuland as our external IT support since start up – approx. 11 years now and find them to be excellent partner.”
Mr Kevin Buckley, Financial Controller, Recordati Int

Compuland and Cloud Security

Compuland works with a number of Partners to provide our Managed IT Security. Compuland uses “best in class” security products and services provided by Microsoft and SolarWinds.


Our Managed IT System constantly reviews your IT system and based on the results various updates and patches are “Pushed” to your IT System.

These Managements systems and reports cover all aspects of your IT system, from Desktops, Network, Firewalls, Servers and also other areas where your data is stored.

Our Managed IT Security system we also include Staff Training and Multifactor Authentication where appropriate.

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“We have a close working relationship with Compuland who have been our IT support for a number of years. Compuland have always been responsive to our needs in respect of hardware, software and general systems/network. We would certainly recommend Compuland for consideration by others in choosing an external IT support provider who will understand their business and tailor advice and support accordingly.”
Michael Hourihan, Barrys Tea


Benefit of Managed IT Security

There are very clear benefits associated with outsourcing your cyber security as opposed to handling this complex area internally.
  Maximise efficiency and reduce costs – 
Engaging Compuland’s Managed IT Security system is far more economically efficient than building an entire cyber security team in house. Managed Security Services Providers streamline your costs and allow you to divert your internal resources where they are best utilised.

  Quicker resolution – 
Compuland have a system in place where we can act immediately to resolve security incidents.

  Proactive and protective monitoring –
At Compuland, we don’t just act on system breaches and attacks. We take steps to prevent them from happening in the first place. Managed IT Security systems use cutting-edge technology to identify threats before they infiltrate your IT system. This enables businesses to remain compliant with regulations and evolving IT legislation.

  Guidance and expertise – 
Managed Security Services Providers help ensure relevant personnel fully understand how to use cyber security programs in-house. They’re on hand to offer strategies and knowledge when necessary.

  Automated risk management –

A Managed IT Security system is constantly monitoring your internal and external security control points. You don’t need to wait for a threat to become obvious–steps are taken by Compuland to prevent them before they happen.

  Why you need Compuland – 
When it comes to cyber security, you want to invest in a reliable Managed Security Solutions Provider. That’s where Compuland comes in. We go above and beyond to ensure your systems are monitored consistently, and that anomalies are identified immediately. From us, you can expect.
*  A 24/7 service, where issues are reported and escalated instantly for your peace of mind.
*  Robust end-point protection to secure all devices connected to your network.
*  Ongoing support and staff training when required.
*  Comprehensive access to the systems monitoring your business activity.
*  Industry specialists on hand to resolve issues in the unlikely event that they occur.
*  Cloud-based services (where relevant to your business), for the most comprehensive coverage available on the market.
*  Scalable security offerings, meaning flexible downsizing and up-sizing when required.
*  Our team is fully certified across various IT sectors.
*  At Compuland, we see cyber security protection as one of the most critical components of the modern corporate environment.

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Managed IT Security