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Data Recovery Policy

Companies cannot function without their IT systems operating effectively and their IT System operating securely.

Yet, if you ask a sample of companies what would happen if their IT data was compromised by a disaster or user error (Ransomware/Malware) a typical answer is “We have a backup system with data stored offsite, so we are covered”.

Unfortunately, a back up system is only part of a Data Recovery Policy and backup systems are generally a “Hit-or-Miss” affair.

Can your company rely on this “Hit-or-Miss” attitude?

secure-data-back-up-for-businessesTo make your Data Recovery Policy secure you need a THREE Point Plan. (Plan, BackUp & Test)

1. You must produce a Data Recovery Plan (DRP)

2. Based on the plan you set up an appropriate Data Back Up System

3. However, both of the above are worthless unless they are FULLY and Repeatedly… Tested and updated.  What is Data Recovery Testing?  


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