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Server in the Cloud or On Site?

We get asked this question every day – On Site or via the Cloud? It is a difficult question to answer. Regardless of budgets, the correct solution depends on so many different requirements. And the solutions are changing every day especially as more clients are using standard “Off the Shelf” Microsoft Cloud Solutions. Maybe before […]

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Is Sage 50C Cloud Based

We get asked this a lot. Sage 50C is NOT Cloud based. Sage 50C is predominately PC or Server based. However Sage 50C have invested huge sums of money to enable cloud features so that users can have the best of both worlds. The most important feature to make Sage 50C Cloud based is a […]

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Corona Virus Phishing

This is a heads up about Spam / Phishing / Rogue emails. Some of our clients are contacting us about emails they have received – looking for bank details, emails about payments, emails about receipts. I have received such emails myself, and even more so, over the last few weeks. Who the hell are these […]

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Are Passwords Enough for IT Security?

A password isn’t enough for modern day security – it’s time to layer up Multi-factor authentication is a bit like having a flu jab or an annual physical – you know you should do it, and you know it’s good for you, but it’s also a time consuming faff. Besides, you didn’t catch flu last […]

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IT Security (again)

There has been an increase in email “scams” which can lead to a company’s data being compromised. It is crucial that YOU, and YOUR colleagues, NEVER give personal data and especially NEVER give Passwords to anyone who requests them. No legitimate business will ever ask for this data – EVER. Your IT system has Security […]

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