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Server in the Cloud or On Site?

We get asked this question every day – On Site or via the Cloud? It is a difficult question to answer. Regardless of budgets, the correct solution depends on so many different requirements. And the solutions are changing every day especially as more clients are using standard “Off the Shelf” Microsoft Cloud Solutions. Maybe before […]

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IT Security (again)

There has been an increase in email “scams” which can lead to a company’s data being compromised. It is crucial that YOU, and YOUR colleagues, NEVER give personal data and especially NEVER give Passwords to anyone who requests them. No legitimate business will ever ask for this data – EVER. Your IT system has Security […]

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Ransomware Attack

You may have heard about the large Ransomware attacks in the UK on Friday and Saturday – 12th May 2017. You need to read below…. but in Summary. Your email account / company IS being attacked by Ransomware every day. Question is – Are you protected?   At the very least…. you need to Train […]

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Layers of IT security

Unfortunately, there is no longer a single Security product that you can install to protect your companies data. IT systems, at the very least, include – PCs, Tablets, Mobile Phones, Laptops, Shared data. Add all these together with users (your colleagues) and then you need to assume that security of your IT system is only […]

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Protection against Ransomware.

There is a perception that IT systems are complicated and very “high tech”. This is particularly the case when dealing with IT security. However, if you peal back all the IT terms and systems it simply boils down to – how do you protect a pot of Gold, or your Home or a Company Facility? […]

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