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Sage 50 and Stripe Payments

Sage 50 and Stripe have a solution for you.

Do you want customers to pay you faster?

Do you want to use one of the lowest cost payment providers?

Do you want someone else to take care of the “Mind Numbing” credit Card transaction charges.

Then Strip is the answer.

Now integrated with Sage Accounts.

Install PAY Now buttons on your Invoices and Statements.

Check out – Sage & Stripe

If you want us to integrate with your Sage, then call us on 021 4544144


Invoice payments powered by Stripe provides such an easy way for your customers to pay, you can make sure you are always on the front foot. From getting paid, staying on track with what you are owed, to processing payments – it’s all taken care of automatically, so that payments never spill into the valuable hours of your day, and you can focus on your business and your valuable customer relationships.

“It’s positively affected our relationships with customers. We can process their payments quickly and it gives them confidence in us.”
Lee Cain

40% of SMBs say that “protecting client relationships” is the biggest barrier to chasing invoice payments.
But asking for a payment doesn’t have to be painful. With this “Pay Now” button it doesn’t even have to be awkward.

Common Stripe integration scenarios that our customers implement using Stripe:

  • Downloading of Stripe payments into Sage 50
  • Automatic generation of alerts for failed collections
  • Ability to manage customer accounts across all systems
  • Automatic generation of notifications for significant event


Typical commercial benefits achieved by integrating Stripe with Sage 50 include:

  • Better visibility into online payments and ability to cross-reference data
  • Improved efficiencies by automating workflow processes
  • Better management of customer accounts
  • Enhancement of customer service

If you need help setting up Stripe Payments – then call Compuland on 021 4544144

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