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Server in the Cloud or On Site?

We get asked this question every day – On Site or via the Cloud? It is a difficult question to answer. Regardless of budgets, the correct solution depends on so many different requirements. And the solutions are changing every day especially as more clients are using standard “Off the Shelf” Microsoft Cloud Solutions. Maybe before […]

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Protection against Ransomware.

There is a perception that IT systems are complicated and very “high tech”. This is particularly the case when dealing with IT security. However, if you peal back all the IT terms and systems it simply boils down to – how do you protect a pot of Gold, or your Home or a Company Facility? […]

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Data Security and Ransomware

If you are worried about your IT Data Security then you need to read the following. Last week we were called to a company that had a virus which encrypted data on a PC AND their Server. It took about 4 days to get the system up and running and finally the company had to […]

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How does “The Good Wife” effect your Back-Ups?

The Good Wife is a Super TV show…and this week!! On Thursday the 26th, I was watching Alicia arguing a case in court and I was typing on my laptop, at the same time, about Disaster Recovery / Back-Ups / Business Continuity…….and next thing….. Diane Lockart is presented with a Virus on her computer. To […]

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