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Issue with Sage Accounts and Products / Categories

We had an interesting issue a few days ago. Run a st

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LinkedIn integration with Microsoft Outlook

In June 2016, we heard the news that Microsoft had acquired LinkedIn. We sat and waited to see what the tech giant would do with the professional social media platform. Now, the reports are starting to surface, revealing that LinkedIn is truly an important part of Microsoft’s strategy. At their recent Microsoft Ignite tech conference, Microsoft announced Outlook integration with LinkedIn. From within your emails, you’ll be able to see someone’s LinkedIn profile and activities and even send them a connect request. This will be released for the Outlook mobile apps too. We’re also seeing a push for the LinkedIn Learning platform, with the recently launched Office 365 Training Center boasting some LinkedIn Learning branded product training videos. Have you been on LinkedIn lately? We’ve started to check the LinkedIn mobile […]

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IT Security (again)

There has been an increase in email “scams” which can lead to a company’s data being compromised. It is crucial that YOU, and YOUR colleagues, NEVER give personal data and especially NEVER give Passwords to anyone who requests them. No legitimate business will ever ask for this data – EVER. Your IT system has Security features but all systems require users to use common sense. Yet, 78% of IT Security breaches are due to users giving data to hackers! How can this happen? We have all seen emails from BMW, DropBox, Vodafone, Netflix, DHL etc asking you to update your account details. Hackers can even “personalise” the email. They send out millions of emails, saying “Hi, Thank you for your interest in our BMW car”, etc. Statistically, if they send out […]

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Ransomware Attack

You may have heard about the large Ransomware attacks in the UK on Friday and Saturday – 12th May 2017. You need to read below…. but in Summary. Your email account / company IS being attacked by Ransomware every day. Question is – Are you protected?   At the very least…. you need to Train or explain to colleagues to NOT open emails that you are not expecting. Consider deleting emails that you, or they, are not expecting Install latest AV Software, preferably via a managed system, on ALL PCs/Server Review AV reports and web traffic into your system to review protection. Train or explain to colleagues to not go on spurious websites from work PCs. Ensure ALL IT equipment has latest OS security updates – this can only be […]

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Sage Accounts Cash Flow

Managing Cash Flow is one of the key components in securing your business. Controlling or improving Cash Flow is usually down to basic procedures…… that we ALL need reminding off. The following is a easy to read article that covers all the bases. I hope you find it interesting. If you need help with your accounts package to make some of these suggestions actionable – then call us on 021 4544144. Managing your Cash Flow

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