Sage Version 2012 well worth the wait

We have installed Sage Version 2012 on our own system now with the first Update. We are expecting some more updates so we would advise our clients to not install Version 18 yet.

However, some of the features sound as if it is well worth the wait for version 18. Nearly all new clients request the option of been able to close monthly accounts. We have always said this was not possible. At last this is now available in Version 2012. Now that it is available I am sure we will not get any customers looking for this feature!!!

I have to admit that we are disappointed in the Option to submit the VAT details on line. We were lead to believe that you would be able to press a button and everything would be uploaded….like the excellent Micropay Payroll System. What it actually is that a report can be printed that contains all the info in one place that allows you to easily submit the data to the ROS website.

Now in hindsight…I suppose this might be considered as a safety feature!!!! Print out the report which gives you a chance to make sure al is 100% correct before you manually upload the data.


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